All I Do Is Win Win Win!

There is always that one guy who fortune seems to smile upon. No matter what happens in the rest of the world, he always comes out on top. Some call it “Ferris Bueller” syndrome. It would seem that some people might just be lucky. They need an iPhone? They enter a contest and they win one. They are $20 short of bills for the month? They find a $20 bill on the sidewalk with no one to claim it. These people make the rest of the world envious.

Mobile-PhonesYet, there is a way we can all be a little bit more like them. The people who appear to always be lucky, may be unlucky more times than not. It is only that we happen to see all the good things happen, not the bad ones. And these individuals tend to take chances that the majority of us will not take.

We consider our time too valuable to enter contests that might put us in the running to win an iPhone. Or we are too busy thinking of our to-do lists for the day to bother looking at the ground and seeing that lost $20 bill. So how can we all start turning our luck around? The answer is taking that first step and entering contests!

Anyone Can Win!

Now before you roll your eyes, take a look at the people who have won contests in the past. There are stories of hundreds of people who have won free Chipotle burritos for a year, or free Domino’s pizza for three months. There are also individuals who have won thousands of dollars through selling items they have won for free online. If you have ever found yourself wondering how to win money or how to win competitions, the answer is simply entering. You can hem and haw all day long about how to get a free iPhone or how to win money online, but if you are not going to play the game, then you hold no chance of winning.

Finding a Contest

Finding contests online can be tricky. After all, no prize worth winning is going to be visible for each and every person to see. You want the truly cunning, the truly worthy, to be winning prizes that could amount of hundreds of dollars. But in spite of how hidden they may be, there are plenty of contests available online. A simple Google search will not only provide you with websites that offer prizes galore, but you can also often find user comment websites.

After all, hearing from people who actually participate in online contests will help you to narrow down your own search. Why would you enter a contest that has a comment board filled with disgruntled contestants who have never won a thing? Wouldn’t you rather go with the contest or sweepstakes that can boast at least a handful of winners each month or so?

What Can You Win?

The options of prizes differs from contest to contest of course. Some contests are going to offer cleaning products, or a years supply of fish fingers. The contests you are really going to want to try your hand at, are those that offer significant cash prizes, or material prizes that are worth money on the open market.

If you win an iPhone but you already have a working phone and can see no use for a new one, why not sell the prize? You own anything you win, hook line and sinker, so you are more than able to choose to sell your prize and keep the money. Some contests even let you choose whether you want to take the material good itself, or select the value in cash instead.

The options to be had with contests are extensive. You can win any manner of prize, and what you do with them is your own business. So find some contests, sign up, and good luck!

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