How to Win Money and Earn Yourself Some Extra Pocket Change

Are you a college student, struggling to pay the bills or looking for those extra few dollars to cover a wild weekend with your friends? Do you already work all week but somehow all of that money seems to disappear before you can even get your hands on it? Well, one solution to your problem is to find a way to get that cash flowing without having to put in more hours at work on top of all the hours you spend at school. It may seem impossible, but a lot of people take advantage of a variety of competition in order to earn extra spending money. Read on to discover how to win money online, how to win competitions, and even how to get a free iPhone by participating in online contests!

competitions online1) Pay attention and keep an eye out for contests!

There are contests everywhere on the internet, and they are constantly being advertised. But it is easy to overlook them and just think they’re another ad on whatever website you’re visiting. If you really want to win some money online, you have to train yourself to look at every advertisement and figure out whether or not it’s something that you can use. This includes newspaper ads, popup ads on the internet (even though they’re SO annoying), ads in online newsletters from companies, and a lot of other sources. You’ve got to keep your eyes open so that the prize doesn’t slip away!

2) Be optimistic!

When you look at the odds or the number of entries for a contest, it can often seem like there is no way in the world you could ever win any money through it. You’ve got to kick that kind of thinking to the curb! If a contest is free to enter, you literally lose nothing by taking the time to put yourself into the running for the prize – you lose nothing, and there’s a chance (no matter how small!) that you will win. Plus, the more contests you enter, the better your chances become of winning money from at least one of them.

3) Be patient.

Winning money and prizes by way of entering contests is a numbers game – you can’t expect to start and immediately hit it rich without having put in the time and effort. Yes, time and effort! Just because it’s a contest doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have to work to improve your chances of winning money. A responsible online contest winner does his/her research, and really puts in the hours into finding the most profitable contests with the most potential, and it may take a while to gain the momentum that it takes to win consistently.

4) Be reasonable.

You’re almost definitely not going to be able to make a living off of contest winnings at first, and possibly not ever. It’s important to keep your eyes on the actual, tangible potential of what you are doing. If you go in the with the expectation of making a little bit of extra money online that you can save away for a rainy day, but then you end up winning hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes, that’s a much better deal than going in expecting to win an all expense paid trip to Hawaii and falling flat without winning anything.

A lot of people can and do make a lot of money through entering contests online, but it’s not for the faint of heart – you have to put in the time and the work to make winning money online a viable option, and you have to keep your expectations reasonable. Good luck, everyone!

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