Do You Want to Become a Product Tester?

Paid product testing is an occupation that requires no previous knowledge or experience, and there are plenty of available product testing jobs in the UK offered by companies waiting for you to sign.

Instead of working doing the same dull thing every day, you can sign up for product testing and start earning extra cash in your own time.

tickWhat is Paid Product Testing?

Many companies pay product testers to try out new products at home, because this saves them a lot of save money. If a design gets poor reviews from product testers, there is no point in developing it in its present form.

Product testing is a great way to be sent many different products for free, and you get to keep most of them when the trial is over. You get paid just for answering questions about your experience of using the product.

After signing up for product testing, you are free to try out and write the latest product reviews for companies like Companies want to know how just well each new product works for you, or if a new design fails to fit in with your lifestyle requirements.

What’s more, you get to pick the free products you want to test.

What Sort of Items Are Product Testers Sent to Review?

Product testers can be asked for feedback on any type of item. It could be anything from a set of hi-fi speakers to a pair of shoes or a mobile phone. A huge variety of items, large and small, are available for product testing before they are launched as a new product line.

Companies need to know what the public thinks of a new design and want honest responses from the sort of who are people typically in the market for it. People just like you, who get paid for giving their views on a new product or updated version of a well-known item.

product testingIs Product Testing a Big Commitment?

Product testers are under no obligation to review everything they are offered from any particular company.

You are under no pressure and can decide for yourself just how many or how few items you want to test. This can simply be a hobby and you may choose to review only what is of most interest to you. It really is an enjoyable way to learn about new designs before they are launched, and you get paid for the experience.

How to Be a Product Tester

You start by signing up with a company that is looking for product testers. You will then receive an email asking you to complete some survey questions. These companies need to know things like your gender, age, location and income, so they can assess what type of products you would normally be using.

Once you have been approved you will receive your first product for testing. After using this for a week or two, you will be able to send in your opinions and be paid. You don’t have to return the product after testing, unless this is requested, but normally it’s yours to keep.

Product Testing Opportunities

All the companies in the following list offer product testing jobs for UK residents and most of them have survey panels open for new members. Once you sign up and are accepted onto a panel, you will receive your first free product and a set of survey questions.  There are various associations that cover product testing and consumer surveys such as ESOMAR you should check them out too.

BuzzBack Panel

Payment is in cash through PayPal or by gift card. BuzzBack has some good products to test. Most of these are beauty products.


No cash payments but you do get gift cards and MyPoint rewards. BzzAgent sends out a big number of free products for testing.

Global Test Market

Cash is the only payment option and you get a good rate of pay. Global Test Market sends out a good range of household items.


PayPal and gift card payments in return for testing items. There are plenty of hair care products and other useful items to try.


Payments are made in cash, by PayPal or gift card. There is an opportunity to join focus groups for extra money, and iSay has plenty of household items to test.

Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors

Cash payments are made to mothers who have infants or babies for testing Johnson & Johnson products.

LOreal Product Testing Panel

No payment is offered, you just get free LOreal products, but it’s not always easy to qualify for their tests.


Payment is made in cash or through PayPal. You can also earn Amazon gift cards and other types of gift card. MySurvey offers good rates of pay for testing household, beauty products and food items, with the opportunity to join focus groups to earn extra money. The company also sends out free mobile phones to use for recording certain tasks.

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel

Payment is in the form of free electronics and other types of merchandise. These are sent as rewards for using a scanner, which is supplied for free, on household items that you normally buy when out shopping.

Opinion Outpost

Payment is made by PayPal or by gift card. Opinion Outpost has good rates of pay and very fast payout.

Pinecone Research

Payment is by cash, PayPal, gift card or a selection of free merchandise. Application is by invitation only, but it’s worth trying to get an invite to join this panel.


No payments are made by Smiley360, but all the products can be kept after testing.


Cash payments and a good rate of pay is offered for testing beauty products and perfumes. SurveySavvy also has focus group opportunities for higher pay.

SurveySpot Panel

Payment is by PayPal or gift card. Pay rates are good and there is an opportunity to join focus groups for more money.


Payment is in cash or by gift card. Good rates of pay and Toluna pays even more for joining focus groups.

Valued Opinions

There is no payment offered by Valued Opinions, but gift cards are given for testing mostly beauty products. You can gain more by joining a focus group.